"You don't have to be a Navy SEAL to shoot like one"


Poseidon Experience has made firearms training easy at our virtual Shooting Academy.
This equipment is only available here! Completely safe and accessible for everyone.
Join retired Navy SEAL Jesse Barnett, and find out what real shooting skills are all about.

By Appointment Only

W-F: 1pm-8pm Sat: 12pm-8pm Sun: 1pm-7pm

9402 Uptown Dr, Suite 800 Indianapolis, IN 46256

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Retired Navy SEAL Jesse Barnett

Retired Navy SEAL Jesse Barnett - Owner

After 20 years with the Navy SEALs, I opened Poseidon Experience to bring you the region’s best firearms training!

Poseidon Experience Lead Instructor Scott

Retired Navy SEAL Scott

As a former Navy SEAL Sniper (and instructor), my marksmanship skill was at the very top level. At Poseidon Experience, I bring that knowledge to you.

Poseidon Experience Instructor Jay

Gunsite Academy Staff Instructor and former Marine Jay

Between Gunsite Academy in Arizona and Poseidon Experience here in Indy, weapons training is my passion!

Poseidon Experience Instructor Juan

Federal Law Enforcement Officer and former Marine Juan

I’m certified through the NRA, along with my federal credentials. Learn the skills indoors at Poseidon Experience, and then test your abilities with me at the live-fire outdoor range.

“Confidence Through Competence”

  • State of the Art Shooting Academy
  • We Provide All Equipment For You
  • Real Weapons, Modified For Success
  • Sensors Instead of Bullets
  • Genuine Recoil Action 
  • Family Friendly Environment