Advanced Handgun Training

"You don't have to be a Navy SEAL to shoot like one"

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Convenient and Highly Effective

TRAINING OBJECTIVES: Providing expert guidance and instructional support to our clients.

State of the art virtual simulator brings our knowledge directly to you.  The skills and confidence are within reach, if you are willing to put in the work.  The Poseidon venue presents an opportunity to learn from the best.  Come learn best practices from the kneeling, sitting, and full movement, along with situational readiness skills.

CRAWL…     WALK…     RUN!

2-hour “Advanced Training”  $120

Sessions are offered by Appointment  

Expect to shoot approximately 400 Rounds during each training phase listed below.

Level 2 Holster Drawing: From the classroom to the “range”.  You will learn to implement the points of performance associated with drawing a weapon from a holster while moving, from any carry position. Our drills and exercises will build muscle memory for you, and there will be a shooting test to help you assess your skill development.

Level 3 Magazine Changing:  Tactical and Hasty magazine changes are a realistic part of dynamic situations.  We will also focus on holster drawing techniques, and will bring all of your new skills together.

Level 4 Use of Cover / Concealment:  You will learn how and when to choose between Cover and Concealment. Levels 2 & 3 skills will carry into this highly mobile and interactive session.

Our goal is not to replace live fire… We aim to compliment it!

A venue for Advanced Firearms Training in Indianapolis means you can build your skill level and confidence without inconveniencing your life at home.  Develop your foundational skills through our basic offers, firing lanes, and private coaching first.  Once you are ready, schedule a 2-hour Advanced Firearms Training Session.

Together, we will build your ability to manage stress and accurately shoot with speed.  That is the definition of an Advanced Shooter. 

We will help you achieve previously unattainable levels of performance.  When you are at that high level of skill and competency, sustain your new abilities with our customized firing lanes.

Cost-effective sustainment training is what makes us better than all other facilities!

COST: $120 per person; 3 student minimum, maximum of 6.


  1. Demonstrate Level 1 Proficiency
  2. Achieve Intermediate Level Training Objectives
  3. Pass the Objectives for each level of Advanced Training prior to being eligible for the next level

Each level is available to you as Often as Needed until you are ready to move up.

Concealed Carry Training

“A Right to Own ~ The Duty to Train”

Although over 2 Million citizens in Indiana now have concealed carry permits, there are no local facilities to train them properly.

Confidence and competence are needed to effectively carry and use a firearm.

The Poseidon Experience offers interactive training in progressive scenarios.  Shooting with virtual simulation is the future of firearms training!

Once you have completed training with us at the basic level, we will invite you to attend a Concealed Carry Course. This consists of 3-4 hours of classroom discussion on mindset, situational awareness, and equipment. You will then participate in various concealed draw training drills within the interactive theater. The purpose is to bring attention to your personal strengths and weaknesses, and to develop your skills through perfect practice.

Afterwards, you will train at this level during future visit to our facility.  Your job will be to continually improve your speed and accuracy at this high level.

The Poseidon Experience objective is to build and maintain a foundation of skill. Our facility enables this like no other can.

Modern technology, combined with the real-life experience and professionalism of our staff…

Poseidon Experience offers a new kind of weapons training.  The kind that gets results while saving you time and money.

Call (317) 288- 5242 to discuss our class schedule.


Home Defense

In this course we explore techniques and strategies to best defend and prepare your family for criminal encounters.
Many of us take steps to acquire the tools to protect ourselves but don’t take the time to develop a formal plan.
We use innovative equipment and technology to create unique and challenging situations.  Based on proven curriculum and learning objectives, you will be provided with a solid protection plan.
We encourage you to bring in sketches or digital recreations of your home floor plans, so we can really personalize your plan.
Having a weapon is the first step.  Knowing how to properly use it is the next.  But a defense weapon at home requires teamwork and communication within the family.

Call (317) 288 – 5242 to discuss your Home Defense Plan.

Basic Assault Rifle I Course (BAR-I)

Prerequisite: Satisfactory score on Poseidon’s basic pistol qualification test.
A 4-hour course combining classroom and drills.
We will discuss popular designs in assault-style rifles and the various accessories.
We then conduct drills designed to support the basic static usage skills for accuracy and proper technique.
We provide the equipment.  The training is founded on fundamental shooting skills using iron sights. This is a necessary prerequisite to using optics effectively in the future.

Call (317) 288 – 5242 to discuss training.

“Confidence Through Competence”

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