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YOUR FIRST VISIT? We Require that you start with an Orientation.

ORIENTATION: 60 minutes, focusing on your strong foundation. We will cover the Six Points of Performance. The first half is classroom, the second half is trigger time in our Poseidon Theater. ($45)

GRAPH-X EXPERIENCE:  45 minutes. This is a coached session through our Graph-X scenarios. Challenging and entertaining , a great value for any skill level! ($60)

PRIVATE GROUP GRAPH-X EXPERIENCE:  90 minutes. Groups up to 10. Includes our Orientation and a party room for gatherings. Bring your own food or beverage – or we can cater for an extra charge. Complimentary bonus hour in the party room to relax afterwards. More than 10 people in your group? No problem. Just give us a call to make arrangements. ($400)

TRAINING LANES: 25-35 minutes. Similar in style to a traditional range. Prices start as low as $30.


Training is by appointment only:

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