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Creating Your Survival Mindset

Navy SEAL Firearms Training

A right to own, a Duty to Train

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Your Church Security Training Solution

A 5-day, 15-hour course for your ten-person Church Security team.

Use of Force decision-making, de-escalation, and proper mindset.

You will also learn team communications, managing stress, establishing protocols, firearms training, trauma response, and more…

Indianapolis-based indoor virtual Shooting Academy.

Owned by retired Navy SEAL Jesse Barnett.

Church Security Training in Indy

Our experience was truly an amazing one. The Poseidon team bent over backwards to train us. They instructed our security team in how to respond to any unwelcome intrusion into our church facility. Their “hands on” training was tremendously valuable to us. As a team, we would recommend the Poseidon Experience Team without a single hesitation.” 

Pastor Bill B.

Pastor, Horizon Christian Fellowship

The training we received at Poseidon was exceptional…beyond my expectations.  You think you know how to shoot until you go through this training! It will show you things you were doing wrong you didn’t even know about…comprehensive, enlightening, and well worth the money. Jesse is a great instructor!

Tracy G.

Team member, Horizon Christian Fellowship

Poseidon Experience did a great job of getting to know our team members and goals. The training provided a solid foundation that we can confidently build on. It is unlike anything that I have seen offered in the state of Indiana well worth the investment… I highly recommend Poseidon to any church or school that is serious about protecting its own.

Greg D.

Team member, Horizon Christian Fellowship

“I highly recommend this group. Their expertise and teaching was beyond my expectations.”

Jeff V.

Team member, Christ Community Church

A Ministry of Protection

Church Security Training Tailored for You

Your congregation’s safety is our top concern!

Use of Force Decision-Making



Team Communication

Managing Stress

Establishing Protocols

Firearms Training

First-Aid / CPR / Trauma Response

Before and After site visits at your location

The site visits are to better identify unique threats and vulnerabilities to your church.

Graduates can return for followup training to continually advance their skills.

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