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Corporate Team Building


Not Competition

You don’t have to be a SEAL-TEAM…

to operate like one!

Join Navy SEAL Jesse Barnett for an afternoon of fun challenges.

Team-building is about motivation. The events here encourage communication and reliance between coworkers.

Come together as a group for problem solving.

Our methods require teamwork to complete the tasks.

Some will Lead, Some will Analyze, Some will Do…
Your Team needs all three.

Identify their natural strengths, and they will flourish.  Everyone contributes, and we help them see that.

Corporate Team Building
Corporate Team Building

Some of our happy customers…

Corporate Team Building
Corporate Team Building
Corporate Team Building
Corporate Team Building

Professional Gatherings and Recreational Events

Why sit through another dull conference…?
Safe, effective, one-of-a-kind experience.

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“Confidence Through Competence”

  • State of the Art Shooting Academy
  • Far superior than traditional methodology
  • We Provide All Equipment For You
  • Sensors Instead of Bullets
  • Family Friendly Environment


Train with Navy SEALs

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