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Threat Solution Seminars

2-hour weekend discussions on pre-selected topics regarding your personal safety

Gain valuable insight on key topics without having to commit major time or resources.

Executive Travel Risk Mitigation ~ Active Shooter Preparation ~ Family Crisis Management ~ Campus Protection for Teenagers and Women ~ Teenager Travel Abroad ~ Introduction to Concealed Carry Concepts ~ Church Protection Essentials

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Choose a firearms training goal to focus on

Instruction from Navy SEALs and industry experts. Training is completed in the safety of our indoor shooting simulator.

Formal Classes available for all skill levels.

Basic Handgun Course: An incredible introduction to firearms and their use.

Artemis Course: A women-only version of the Basic Handgun Course.

Intermediate Training for Levels 2, 3, and 4:  2 hour classes that introduce you to a new skill.

Concealed Carry Handgun Course: Prerequisite of a level 4 skill set.

2nd Amendment Legal Lecture: 3 hour lecture by a 2nd Amendment attorney.


the best way to save money on your firearms training

Marksmanship Package: An 8-10 week training program consisting of 10 visits.

  • Basic Handgun Course
  • Level-2 and Level-3
  • 2nd Amendment Legal Lecture

Concealed Carry Add-On Package: An additional package that can be added to the marksmanship package for more advanced training. An 8 week training program consisting of 9 visits which include the following classes. Advanced level classes are generally 2 hours long and can be attended multiple times if desired.

  • Advanced Training Level 2
  • Advanced Training Level 3
  • Advanced Training Level 4
  • Concealed Carry Class

Concealed Carry Complete Package: A 12-15 week training program consisting of 18 visits. This is the above 2 packages combined.

  • Basic Pistol Course
  • Level-2 and Level-3
  • Legal Lecture (attend anytime)
  • Advanced Training Level 2
  • Advanced Training Level 3
  • Advanced Training Level 4
  • Concealed Carry Class

*Level-2 Dynamic weapons handling while stationary and drawing from a holster. Focus is on applying the 6 Points of Performance.

*Level-3 The addition of hasty magazine changing skills.

*Level-4 Emphasis on the best practices for using cover and concealment.

*Advanced Training consists of dynamic weapons handling while moving. “Movement” consists of facing / turning; standard forward, sideways, and backward stepping; kneeling, seated, and using cover / concealment positions.

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Indy Firearms Training
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