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Weekend Seminars are 2-hour discussions on pre-selected topics regarding your personal safety.

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Teen Travel Abroad


The purpose of this seminar is to identify real-world threats to young people while traveling. 

Who should Participate:

Teenagers who plan on traveling abroad, and their parents.

Learning Objectives:

Raising awareness to real-world threats against young travelers. Establishing proactive behaviors to make the teenager less appealing as a target. Planning and following protocols, including communication check-in routines. Understanding steps to take when uncertain or scared. 

Self-Protection Teens & Women


The purpose of this seminar is to encourage proactive thinking and planning. Teens and women are frequently singled out as easy targets by criminals.  

Who should Participate:

This seminar is ideal for teens experiencing increased freedom, college students, and women in solitary situations. 

Learning Objectives:

Establishing a realistic awareness of possible threats. Understanding the typical mindset and motive of criminals. Building proactive habits to mitigate risk. Developing a support network through communication and accountability. 

Family Crisis Management


The purpose of this seminar is to prepare the family for potential tragedies such as: home fire; violent intruder in the home; vehicle crashes / water entry; incidents while traveling.

Who should Participate:

Parents of young children.

Learning Objectives:

Establishing family communication that sets you up for success; Protocols for using mobile communications; Habits that promote successful reactions; Building confidence in emergency plans.

Executive Travel Risk Mitigation


This seminar is designed for professionals who travel to medium and high risk areas. We discuss the variables associated with prevention and reaction strategies. These protocols are referred to as tradecraft. Poseidon Academy can tailor the course to the areas of operation that apply to your travel.

Who should Participate:

Professionals who travel abroad, and their managers.

Learning Objectives:

Understanding the importance, and sources, of environmental information; Establishing a communications plan / protocol; Setting up and choosing your tools to mitigate risk; Developing an effective tradecraft.

Church Protection


In this seminar, the guided discussion will cover recent aggressions / attacks on church groups, and related actions for preparation and prevention. 

Who should Participate:

Church staff responsible for emergency preparedness, such as fire and tornado compliance standards. Volunteers authorized to act on behalf of the church in the case of attack. 

Learning Objectives:

Awareness of current events, and the risk towards vulnerable gathering spaces. Understanding of the resources and methods available for preparation and response. Creating a realistic plan for establishing a proactive volunteer service during church gatherings.  

Active Shooter Preparation


The purpose of this seminar is to inform and educate corporations, churches, hospitals, public offices, stores, et al. about our research-based response to “Violent Intruder” events. We will discuss trends and statistics, and how you can prepare yourself.

Who should participate:

This seminar is ideal for team-leaders, on-site managers, security teams, teachers, and anyone who refuses to be a victim.

Learning Objectives:

Understanding the current threat; Understanding the natural human responses to a violent intruder; The protocol for response; Your personal performance / response.

Concealed Carry Concepts


In this seminar, you will hear from a 2nd Amendment attorney. You will also be exposed to the stress associated with presenting a handgun from the concealed carry position.

Who should Participate:

Anyone who uses a handgun for personal protection, or has an interest in Concealed Carry.

Learning Objectives:

Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a gun owner; Realizing your abilities to successfully employ a handgun; Identifying and managing the effects of stress.

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