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Pardon our dust: These packages are on hold until we establish a reliable training site.

Marksmanship Package

Our Marksmanship Package is for the responsible gun owner. Skill development will be from the beginner level up to an intermediate level.

What does that mean for you? It means that you will be coming out of the holster and changing magazines while accurately hitting your targets from the standing and kneeling positions.

Included in your training is our popular Legal Lecture with a 2nd Amendment Attorney. He covers the rights and responsibilities associated with using your firearm in self defense / defense of others.

Add-On Package

Our Add-On Package is for members that have completed the Marksmanship Package and now wish to build upon their training. Advanced skills are performed while moving, and include the use of cover and concealment. Add-On training is perfect for those wishing for technical knowledge on functional skills from the Concealed Carry Position. You’ll be fast and accurate, with the tools needed to respond when necessary.

Concealed Carry Package

Our Concealed Carry Package combines the Marksmanship Package and Add-on Package.

It is the all-inclusive package. This is for those who already know that they want the full training experience.

We bring you from a beginner level to an advanced level. You will be proficient at shoot and move engagements, and functional training from the Concealed Carry position. Speed and accuracy are developed, while holding you accountable to performance standards.

Your Concealed Carry Package comes with a discount, as a thanks for your trust and commitment.

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