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ASR Alert System

When seconds count and you or your organization is confronted with firearms-related violence, alerting first responders, as well as warning those within the vicinity, becomes absolutely critical. We see time and again that police and other first responders are arriving at the scene of a public shooting far too late and all too often, long after the attack is already over.

This is due in part to the limited 9-1-1 emergency system our nation currently has in place. Once a shooter has initiated an attack, witnesses place an emergency call, which is fielded by an emergency complaint taker, then sent to a police dispatcher. Finally, local law enforcement personnel are alerted and can get to the location of the attack.

The Poseidon ASR Alert System bridges the gap.

With the push of a button, our system immediately sends an SMS text notification to all smartphone users and local law enforcement in the vicinity that there is an active shooter. The alert system will alert those on your property of the imminent danger, and allows potential victims to escape or get to safety faster than ever before. Law enforcement is able to respond in mere seconds, quickly getting to your location to resolve the event has swiftly and safely as possible

With the ASR Alert System, we create empowerment by giving you a voice to rapidly inform the closest police officers and bystanders of the situation. ASR protects your organization when the seconds count.

Poseidon Academy
Corp Active Shooter Prep


Ideal for businesses, religious organizations, property managers, and more, our Poseidon Academy Corp Active Shooter Prep courses allows your personnel to be trained by the best (Retired Navy Seals and Military) to enhance your active shooter mindset and awareness, and better prepares you for the threat of firearm-related violence.

Learning Objectives:

In this course, Poseidon Experience will teach you safe and effective firearm technique, cover and concealment, and strategies that will greatly increase your leadership in the event of a public shooting in your place of business or in the greater public at large.


Poseidon Academy ASR alert system

Poseidon Academy Corp Active Shooter Prep

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