Poseidon Academy
Guardian Program

Poseidon Experience offers a highly effective and affordable guardian program to help commercial businesses, religious organizations, and more better protect themselves from acts of firearm-related violence.

Our Guardian Program Process

  • Provide on-site security survey (non-written)

  • Provide the grounds for establishing your SOP’s (templates)

  • Provide guidance and contacts for insurance (if necessary)

  • Clarify the legalities that apply to this decision to be armed

  • Will do follow up visits / calls to ensure the sustainment drills are effective

This is an intense introduction to security team development, and each participant will be exposed to the skills of drawing a weapon for the use of “deadly force.” Your team will learn “what they don’t know,” and develop a great sense of unity and confidence in the process.

Your church or organization will have individuals who are carrying firearms. It is your responsibility to recognize this and establish a policy that honors that right if you choose to, while setting you all up for success.


Poseidon Experience boosts church security, emergency response

Helping Your Team Succeed

We stress situation awareness and de-escalation techniques to again set your team up for success.

Our approach also emphasizes effective communication, and teamwork to contain and deflect problem situations.

Costs &

Recommended Approach by the Church

Pay half the fees and ask the participants to pay for their half, thereby having some extra vested interest other than their loyalty and membership.

Costs & Benefits

One “Mall Cop” will cost approximately $40,000 per year for an individual with skills that equate to a 2 on a 10 scale.

Our course cost at $7500 IS A FRACTION of that cost and establishes 8-12 motivated individuals with focused skills and capabilities that will far surpass the security guard. So, skills that equal a 4 on a 10 scale (est. $400,000 value). This is a nominal cost for a tremendous value. The prospect of saving a life alone is worth the cost, and the cohesion of the team will solidify and foster deeper relationships within your organization.

The professional team at Poseidon Experience looks forward to working with you and helping your organization protect itself from the realities of the modern world.


Poseidon Academy Church Security Team Training Jesse Barnett

Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding our organization or the services we provide, or if you would like to schedule a session for firearm safety training, we invite you to contact us today.