Engaging Team-Building

Poseidon Experience combines our innovative mindset training with situational awareness, along with the physical mechanics of utilizing a firearm, to truly build confidence and awareness within an individual.

These highly educational and engaging team-building sessions are specially designed to be cost-effective and affordable. If you’re completely new to the world of firearms or if carrying a gun is in your line of work, it’s essential to have the proper training and safety awareness to ensure responsible firearm ownership and decision-making competence.

Our advanced and innovative shooting simulator training helps clients increase their marksmanship, better prioritize targets, and master the basics of firearm operation. These courses are designed to abolish the basic limitations many feel when holding and operating a gun for the first time, and provide additional training to hone the skills of clients more familiar with firearm safety and ownership.

Basic Team-Building
& Handgun Training Courses

Four Basic Levels

Level-1: Weapon is at the “Low Ready” position, and shooter is stationary on designated position. Focus is on the 6-points-of-performance.

Level-2: Student is stationary and drawing from a holster and applying the 6 Points of Performance.

Level-3: The addition of hasty magazine changing skills.

Level-4: Emphasis on the best practices for using cover and concealment.

Advanced Training

Dynamic weapons handling while moving. “Movement” consists of facing / turning; forward, sideways, and backward stepping; kneeling, seated, and using cover / concealment positions


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